Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why "Tim the Lab Guy"?!

Welcome to my blog. Perhaps you wonder:

Why “Tim The Lab Guy”?!

Well for many years that’s what I heard . . . “I don’t know. Go ask Tim, the lab guy!”

The information on this site will be inspired by the almost 30 years I have spent in the medical laboratory field. I started in the air force as a lab tech working for 8 years in both civilian and military labs.

From there I was employed in hospital labs as a generalist covering all departments and the ever popular “grave yard” 11-7 shift.

There is much insight to be shared from those experiences!

When CLIA 88 was enacted in the 90’s, I was asked to help a local doctor’s office become certified. Hence the beginning of my “Physician Office Laboratory” (POL) managing experience!

After 15 years, clinics, EMR’s, medical offices and medical centers now benefit from the experience I have attained. They learn how to increase their ROI, enhance their patient care and develop fun and productive work environments through my consulting, training and professional speaking. (I received my National Speaker’s Association accreditation in 2004).

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Most recently Advanced POC was born with the vision of

“Perfecting Profit, Process and Patient Care!”

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As an active consultant I will be relating stories from the front lines of the medical lab. We will discuss issues relating to Physician Office Laboratories (POL) and Point of Care Testing (POCT).

I will draw on lab experiences: old and new!

Up coming Topics:

ROI for your lab
Updated CLIA regulations
Waived testing and advanced testing
How to buy from the vendor
What to do with old/used analyzers
Tips for a lab tune-up

These are a few subjects to get us going. Write me with suggestions, questions and ideas!
I would be thrilled to dialogue or should I say “blog-a-logue” with you!

Tim “The Lab Guy” Consulting, CLS, CRSP
President, Advanced POC


braveheart said...

Tim can you enlighten me regarding waived and advanced testing?

kona said...

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